Electrical Construction

Electrical Solutions: Every Step of the Way

Regardless of whether you are building a new structure or renovating, our Commercial Electrical Service Specialist have the expertise and experience to provide the installation you require. From project planning to project completion, we will help you determine which electrical products and services best meet the needs of your budget and business objectives.  Contact us today, to discuss your project requirements.


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Providing knowledge about and access to products that bring power to your life, is our job. Seeing them utilized successfully in your business is a job well done.  Consider how these products can improve your business or project:

  • Open Office Design:  The latest workspace trends require network and internet access as well as A/V connectivity. Legrand offers flexible solutions that enables you to match or blend with office interiors, all while providing multiple access points for these necessary power, data, and USB connections for today’s open office.
  • Shops and retail establishments present their own unique set of challenges – minimize cost, maximize sales. Strict construction deadlines, tight budgets and unexpected changes require a technical infrastructure that is reliable, simple and quick to install. Reconfigurations and maintenance operations must be made easy to ensure a good level of service continuity.  Pre-wired raceways offer a better way to add or extend power, communications and A/V with products that set new standards for installation ease, flexibility and performance.
  • For vertical wire and cable management, think choices. Think flexibility. Tele-Power Poles are a simple, cost-effective way to drop power and communications in any location away from a wall. No matter what capability, finish, fit or style you need, we have a vertical solution for your project.


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