Safety & Security

Knowing that our families are safe and secure brings happiness to our lives.

Keeping their homes safe for their families is at the top of everyone’s priority list. Knowledge can save your life and we want to ensure that we provide you with accurate and up to date electrical safety and security information. Electrical fires, electrocution, and electric shock injuries are the most common threats in regards to your electrical safety.

Protect the ones you love by having a trained Residential Electrical Service Specialist perform an electrical safety inspection of your home. Contact us today and find out how we can help you protect the things that mean the most to you.

Taking proactive safety precautions is a great way to prevent injury and loss.

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Check out these easy ways to implement electrical safety and security in your home.

Other ways to create a safe electrical environment in your home are:

  • Install Tamper-Resistant Receptacles in your home. In 2008 the National Electrical CodeĀ® (NEC) was revised, including a requirement for Tamper-Resistant Receptacles to be installed in new homes.
  • Install combination arc fault circuit interrupter breakers in your electrical panel. Fire caused by arc faults is a serious threat. Combination arc fault circuit interrupter breakers provide protection. The National Electrical CodeĀ® requires these breakers to be installed in all new homes.
  • Surge protection is necessary to protect sensitive electronic devices such as computers, TVs, DVD players, audio equipment, and gaming systems which are susceptible to the damaging effects of surges.



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