Energy Efficiency

Saving Energy: It’s Smart Business


Are you spending more money than you want to on your energy bill?  It can be a challenge to determine the best conservation steps to take in order to yield the greatest benefit for your business. Consulting with a trained Commercial Electrical Service Specialist can help.

We will work with you to identify concerns and provide energy efficient solutions for your business. By making smart decisions when it comes to utilizing energy saving products we can not only save the environment but save money as well.  Stop wasting money on your power usage.  Contact us to find ways to lower your energy bill today!

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Maximize the potential of your space!  Check out these energy efficient solutions designed to help you save energy and money, improve comfort and productivity, and contribute to your bottom line.

  • Manual lighting controls, including wallstations and personal remotes let building occupants control their light, saving energy and reducing electricity demand. Studies also show that when employees are given personal light control they often prefer to dim the lights, increasing energy savings, and enhancing productivity.  To see how dimming can save you money visit the Lutron dimming savings calculator.
  • Automate your lighting!  Occupancy sensors can automatically turn lights on when a space becomes occupied or vacancy sensors can dim or turn off lights when spaces are unoccupied.
  • Timers ensure that any lights in storage areas, utility rooms, restrooms, spas, and pool areas are on only as long as needed. Choose from a complete selection of digital and mechanical styles.



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